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Good Conduct Certificate

1.    A completed Application Cover Page.
2.    A completed Application Form for Good Conduct Certificate . 
   *  An official seal of certifying authority MUST be sealed at the bottom space of Page 4 that is after Page 3 for fingerprints.
   *  Your fingerprints can be conducted at the closest local police department in your local area. However, in case the police refuses to sign and seal on the Application Form as a certifying authority, please make sure to have a NOTARY observe all the procedures and sign it on their behalf.
3.    A formal letter to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Japan requesting for Good Conduct Certificate with your purpose, reason, and signature.
4.    Two 5x4cm current photos with 
blue background taken within the last 6 months
5.    A copy of valid passport

6.    A copy of old passport(s) that shows your initial and last Residence Permit Stamps, if available. (In case of loss of the old passport(s), please mention that in the above-mentioned letter.)
7.    A copy of Applicant’s CPR Card* or a relevant ID such as Residence Permit that is issued by the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence of Bahrain. (*CPR Card: Central Population Register Card)
8.    Fee: 1BHD or 3USD in cash only (Checks and bank transfer are NOT accepted.)

Very Important to Know:
•    It normally takes about 3 to 4 months until the Embassy receives your issued certificate from the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain, unless there are some complications.
•    Expatriate Applicants can apply for a Good Conduct Certificate ONLY AFTER completing a valid stay of 6 months in Bahrain.
•    The Embassy does NOT accept any other authority’s relevant form and any scanned application sent by E-mail. (Please be sure to send us the original hard copies by post.)
Consular Section,
Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Japan
Residence Viscountess #710,
1-11-36 Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0052 JAPAN
(TEL: +81-3-3584-8001)



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  • *Ministry of Foreign Affairs' is responsible for coordinating and implementing all matters related to the nation's foreign policy, Bahrain's relations with other countries and international organizations, and to protecting the interests of Bahraini citizens abroad.
  • Residence Viscountess
    No.710 1-11-36 Akasaka
    Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052


    Tel: +81-(0)3-3584-8001