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Applications for visas must include the following:

Visa Requirements

For U.K. Passport Holders

  • Valid U.K. Passport
  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Letter from company/applicant stating the reason and duration of visit (business only)
  • One passport size photo
  • Fee: £20 for single or £40 for multiple.

All applications for minors must be accompanied by a letter of consent from both parents and a photocopy of both parents' passports. Parents travelling without their spouses need a legal document stating that he/she is the legal guardian for the minor child.

Citizens of other countries:

Citizens from the following 35 countries ( Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, United States of America, Portugal, Malaysia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Monaco, San Marino, Singapore, Brunei, Vatican City and Andorra), China and Thailand) can obtain a visa valid for two weeks issued from access points inside the country without pre-arrangement or local sponsor's request. This visa may be extended for another two weeks.

The following conditions must be met in order to issue this Visa:

  • Visitor's entry must not violate the Security and National welfare of the country.
  • Visitor must be able to support himself or his dependents, if any, during his visit.
  • Note: All nationals of countries that are not listed above must obtain a non-objection certificate from a Bahraini sponsor.
  • A valid passport during your stay.

Foreigners living in other GCC countries

Foreigners living in GCC countries can get an entry visa to Bahrain for two weeks provided they have had a valid residence permit in any of the GCC countries for six months and the remaining validity is for a similar period. The visa is also issued to foreigners who are employed as housemaids, chauffeurs or nannies by families residing in GCC countries. These domestic workers must arrive in and leave with their employers.

  • Embassies

  • Find a Kingdom of Bahrain embassy:

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