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1. Can we take pets to Bahrain?

Domestic animals:

The Bahraini Authorities require an original sanitary certificate made by an official veterinary of the country of origin. This certificate should be accompanied by the relative documentary evidence of vaccination against rabies and other contagious diseases, according to the animal species.

For more information, please contact:



Please address your correspondence to:
Head of Veterinary Quarantine Authority Animal Wealth Directorate
PO Box 251 Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain


2. How to get a visa for Formula 1?

This visa is only delivered to spectators of Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Requested documents:
  • A valid passport
  • A return ticket
  • A ticket of entry to the Formula 1 races in Bahrain
  • A reservation in a hotel in Bahrain or a confirmation of the period and place of stay


3. Can we get information or touristic brochures about Bahrain?

Yes, if the person comes directly to the Embassy

  • Embassies

  • Find a Kingdom of Bahrain embassy:

  • upr
  • bahrain
  • 2030 bahrain
  • bahrain
  • upr
  • kingdom of bahrain
  • *Ministry of Foreign Affairs' is responsible for coordinating and implementing all matters related to the nation's foreign policy, Bahrain's relations with other countries and international organizations, and to protecting the interests of Bahraini citizens abroad.
  • Consulate General of the Kingdom
    of Bahrain in New York
    866 2nd Ave 14 Floor
    New York, NY, 10017

    Telephone: (212) 223-6200
    Fax: (212) 223-6206