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Extend the validity of the Bahraini passports in emergency cases:
  1. Applicant to submit at  the Consulate Section at the Embassy a letter addressed to Head of Mission requesting extension of passport validity.
  2. Complete the form related to extension of passport validity.
  3. Attach a recent photo of the applicant.
  4. The application would be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain for approval from the General Directorate for Nationalist, Passports and Residence.
  5. Applicant must clarify his address and contact number so Embassy staff would contact him on result of application.
  6. If Extension is granted, there will be fees to be paid to the Embassy.

Replacement of Bahraini Passports:

  1. Replacement of passport form to be completed , in addition to the signature form.
  2. Applicant should visit the embassy for photo matching and to submit a written letter on his requirement. Just in case the applicant is present in a city that is far away from the premises of the Embassy, the procedures can be taken without him/her being present personally.
  3. Attach Original passport with two photos with a white background and fee 100 Turkish Lira as  replacement fee passport.
  4. All documents are to be sent then to the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs to require approval from the General Directorate of Nationality and Passports.
  5. Citizen can also apply for the replacement of smart card. 
  6. It is worth mentioning that the passports of children are replaced by a letter from the child father who must be a Bahraini citizen.

The issuance of passing tickets for newborn infants outside Bahrain:

Father of the Child must submit a written application to the Embassy with the following:
  1. An original birth certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of residence.
  2. Marriage contract that is authenticated by the country where the marriage took place.
  3. Copy of the passports of the parents. 

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