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In order to ensure your personal safety we have compiled a set of basic guidelines that we advise you and any companions to follow:

General guidelines:

•     Avoid traveling to troubled countries and regions, which would threaten your safety.
•     Follow the regulations and instructions issued by the security authorities of the countries you visit.
•     Avoid rallies and demonstrations areas, which disturb the security during your travel.
•     Check the validity of your passport. (It should be valid for a period not less than six months).
•     If you do not have an individual passport, make sure that you have been added to the passport and included in the visa issued on the passport to enter the country.
•     Obtain entry visas before departure to any country.
•     Fill in the accurate information required in the application form while applying for the visa (whether it is for travel, tourism, medical treatment, or study)
•     Follow the releases of the embassies on their websites or the local press about the procedures of applying for a visa.
•     Respect the laws and regulations of destination countries, as some countries do not allow entering amounts of local currency from abroad or taking it out on departure.
•     If you face any problem, call the Bahraini diplomatic mission in the country or contact anyone of the GCC missions.
•     Always convey the bright image of Bahrain
•     Being civilized reflects the long history of your nation, and your behavior is your responsibility towards your country.

Guidelines to avoid theft:

•     Do not carry large amounts of cash while walking in the streets or markets, keep your money, personal documents or bank cards in the front pockets or purse with tightening lock.
•     Avoid listening or making conversations with strangers who draw attention to prelude for a theft.
•     If someone asks for your identity or inspection, check his official identity first as some claim to be police.
•     Observe your personal belongings especially in restaurants, cafes, markets, and metro and train stations.
•     Do not show your jewelry while walking in public places, you should keep them in the hotel’s safe box and take a receipt from the hotel management of all contents that you placed in the lockbox.
•     Keep copies of your personal identities, as well as a copy of your bankcards and phone numbers of the banks to call them in case of theft.
•     In case of theft, do not follow the thief or clash with him. Inform police officers or police stations nearby and provide the embassy with a security report issued by the police.
•     There are many thefts methods including collision and trying to draw attention while someone else makes the theft.
•     Do not talk with anyone while drawing money from an ATM, as the thief tries to draw your attention while you enter your PIN and the other one tries to steal your card and memorize the PIN.
•     Keep your personal and precious belongings in the hotel safe and ensure to receive a receipt from the hotel management.
•     Check the receipt of your purchases to insure that no additional goods are added to it.
•     Rely on traveler's cheque and credit cards while shopping and do not carry cash more than needed.

Guidelines for appearance and clothes:

•    Follow the rules and the laws of the countries that prevent the (Niqab) or (Burqa) or any costume that covers the face to avoid any financial penalty.
•    Try not to exaggerate in wearing jewelries or anything that draws attention.

Guidelines for residence and transportation:

•    Rent residence directly from the well-known real estate renting offices.  Avoid signing unofficial or unsupported residence contracts, and read carefully the terms and conditions of the lease contracts.
•    Avoid using incenses (Bukhoor) in the residence and cooking in the hotels.  
•    Rent cars directly from the well-known and certified car rental offices, avoid renting from the individuals in an unofficial way, and read carefully the terms and conditions of the contracts are applied.

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