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Why Business in Bahrain?

Bahrain is the most mature, well-established business hub with the largest financial institutions in the Gulf. With a track record of nearly 40 years and the highest number of licensed financial institutions, Bahrain is still the financial services leader in the entire region. Bahrain provides a free, open and transparent environment for businesses and has a globally competitive business environment which focuses on sustainability, skills and good governance.  Bahrain’s financial regulator is widely considered to be the best in the Middle East.

Bahrain is uniquely located at the heart of the Gulf, which makes Bahrain the perfect hub to access the fast-growing Gulf, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets. Bahrain’s business sector is supported by the most productive, highly-skilled bilingual national work force in the GCC (~2/3 of the financial services workforce are Bahraini).

Our free markets mean that businesses are allowed to operate freely with minimal red-tape and foreign ownership restrictions. Bahrain has zero corporate and personal income taxes, and no local partner is required to open a business.  Despite its central position and world-class infrastructure, Bahrain’s operating costs remain amongst the lowest in the Gulf.

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Quick Facts


Domestic Output

GDP at Current Prices (Million) **

BD 8,235.28

USD 21,902.22

GDP per Capita (BD) *

BD 6,683.02

USD 17,773.89

Public Finance 

Revenues (Million) **

BD 2,677.6

USD 7,101.92

Expenditures (Million) **

BD 2,060.3

USD 5,464.62

Surplus/Deficit (Million) *

BD 42.9

USD 114.10

Total Outstanding of Domestic
Public Debt (Million) ***

BD 1,203.3

USD 3,191.57

as % of GDP ***


External Sector

Trade Balance (Million) **

BD 924.5

USD 2,452.09

Current Account Balance
(Million) **

BD 848.6

USD 2,250.78

as % of GDP **


Overall Balance of Payments
(Million) **

BD -110.6

USD -293.35

as % of GDP **


*2007 Figures
**2008 Figures
***2009 Figures

Source: Central Bank of Bahrain, Economic Indicators, September 2009


Bahraini Dinar is the official currency composed at units of 1000 fils

US $1= .378 fils

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