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Education in Bahrain is compulsory, and all school age children attend either public or private schools. Children with disabilities attend special institutions. Bahrain provides free education for all Bahraini and non-Bahraini students through our public school system. Additionally, textbooks in every subject are provided free of charge for all students in public schools at the beginning of each academic year.

Public schools are segregated: there are separate schools for boys and girls with teaching and administrative staff of the same sex. However, in some instances there are boys' public primary schools where the teaching and administrative staffs are mixed. A choice of coeducation or segregation is available in private schools, while state universities are all coeducational.

In 2004 His Majesty King Hamad introduced the King Hamad Schools of the Future project, which uses information and communication technology (ICT) to support basic and secondary education in Bahrain. The objective of this project is to link all schools within the kingdom via the Internet and introduce the concept of electronic education.

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