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Bahrain is a unique land with an ancient and storied culture that spans many centuries. Despite modernization and a cosmopolitan outlook, Bahrain is today essentially an Arabic culture. Relatively new pastimes like soccer share time with traditional arts like falconry, horse riding, hunting, and horse and camel racing.

In the thriving capital of Manama, traditional arts share the scene with the modern. Antiquities can be found at the Bahrain National Museum: ivory figurines, pearl jewelry, pottery, copper goods, and gold rings all share the stage. Elsewhere, there is a vibrant, though small, avant-garde art community keeping Bahrain on the cutting edge.

Bahrain is home to nearly 700,000 people. The population of Bahrain is marked by a thriving diversity and mounting growth. The significant expatriat community comprises nearly 35% of Bahrain’s inhabitants. Bahrain’s strong economic opportunities and attractive conditions continue to draw people from all over the world. Bahrain includes residents from Iran, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Britain, and the United States, as well as citizens from a number of nations.

Population: 742, 600 (2006 est.)
Note: includes 283,549 non-nationals (July 2006 est.)

Age structure:

  • 0-14 years: 35.7% 
  • 15-24 years: 20.6%
  • 25- 44 years: 28.2%
  • 45-65 years: 11.7%
  • 65 years and over: 3.7%
Population growth rate: 1.51% (2007 est.)

Birth rate: 14.6 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Death rate
: 4.1 deaths/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Life expectancy at birth:

 Total population: Nearly 700,000 people

Ethnic groups:

  • Bahraini  62.4%, non-Bahraini 37.6% (2001 est.) 
Religions: Islam is the official religion of the Kingdom of Bahrain. However, followers of other religions enjoy freedom of worship. 


  • Islam (83%)
  • Christianity (9.5 %)
  • Hinduism (6.3%)
  • Baha'i' Faith (0.22%)
  • Buddhism (0.19%)
Languages: Arabic is the official language. English is widely used in business and is compulsory in schools.


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  • *Ministry of Foreign Affairs' is responsible for coordinating and implementing all matters related to the nation's foreign policy, Bahrain's relations with other countries and international organizations, and to protecting the interests of Bahraini citizens abroad.
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