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Certificate of Good Conduct

Bahraini citizens or foreign citizens residing/ or having resided in Bahrain and who wish to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct are requested to contact the Embassy:
  1. With a copy of their passport including the first page relative to the residence permit delivered by the administration in charge of nationalities, passports and visas
  2. As well as two passport photos on blue background
  3. Fees: 1 Bahraini dinar
  4. Fill up the document appended to the present notice and be careful to use black ink for fingerprints

Applying for assistance at the Embassy

Bahraini citizens may request help in situations such as the loss of money, claim to pay hotel costs or the loss of a travel ticket;
  1. Address the competent ministry.
  2. Withdrawing and sending the passport to ministry and the issuance of a travel pass for a single trip.
  3. The Embassy will pay the hotel and the travel costs.
  4. Provide the applicant with transportation to the airport.

Cases of death
  1. Issuance of a hospital report.
  2. Provide a family member with a certificate, which will allow him to collect the body (for burial in Kuwait or shipment of the body) and legalising the death certificate.
  3. In the case of shipping the body, a specialist doctor will examine it and then the corpse case will be sealed with red wax under the supervision of the Embassy.
  4. Agreeing with the shipping agent to transport the corpse.

Legal cases and prisoners
  1. Addressing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait to provide the Embassy with the details of the case.
  2. Visiting or calling the prisoner to follow up and determine his status.

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