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Exemption of the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain from visa requirement to enter the Republic of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus exempted the Kingdom of Bahrain from visa requirements to enter its territories as of February 9, 2017, provided they do not exceed the visit period of five days and enter the country via the international Minsk airport, in addition to providing some documents such as valid passports or any other acceptable travel documents, a minimum sum of money equal to 25 euros per day which is the equivalent of 125 euros for five days, and at least 10,000 euros health insurance .

Also excluded from the advantages of visa exemption are travelers on official business and travelers with diplomatic or special passports or its equivalent. The visa exemption procedures do not apply to flights departing or coming from Russia through the international Minsk airport. Considered domestic flights by the Government of Belarus, these trips are not subject to audit procedures across the Belarusian border.

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