Cultural Office

The Cultural Office is operating under the auspices of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is considered a cultural and educational office connecting Bahrain and United States of America.

The Cultural Office of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain has two-fold aims. Firstly, to advise and provide suitable studying environment to Bahraini students who are studying, or wish to study, in the USA and Canada. Secondly to foster and enhance the US-Bahraini and the Canadian-Bahraini cultural and educational relations.


The cultural office has also another general aim to promote cultural understanding between the people of Bahrain and the people of the USA and Canada.


Overall, academic and pastoral supervision of candidates and Promotion of distinctive cultural and educational relations with various universities, research centers and educational establishments in both the USA and Bahrain are among the Cultural Office mission statement.


The Cultural Office facilitates placement of Bahraini candidates at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in relevant universities and institutions in the USA and Canada. This entails:

  • Maintaining current arrangements and agreements with relevant universities and institutions.
  • Establishing new links with institutions that would further our needs and requirements.
  • Fostering good will between Bahrain and the USA and Canada in the fields of education and culture.
  • Supervising and facilitating enrolment procedures of candidates following their arrival in USA and Canada.
  • Offering candidates every possible means of support in their pursuit of high quality academic and practical goals.
  • Enhancing supervision of candidates' academic progress and resolving any problems that may arise.
  • Enhancing standard of overall services offered by the office.
  • Establishment of new and developed electronic systems that would improve and/or facilitate better means of communication with academic agencies, establishments and individuals.
  • Implement outreach programs to promote better understanding of the Bahraini society.


The role of the Cultural Office is also:

  • To activate cultural exchange between Bahrain and USA.
  • To conclude bilateral cultural agreements with some public and private American universities.
  • To work toward benefiting from the educational, cultural, and scientific experiments as a pioneering model to be followed in Bahrain.
  • To highlight the educational and cultural aspects in Bahrain through various seminars, exhibitions, and artistic activities.
  • To receive educational and cultural delegations and facilitate coordination and communication with their American counterparts.
  • To positively intercommunicate with American universities, community colleges and other educational institutions.
  • To attend to civil society organizations such as associations of authors and artistes, clubs.


At present time the number of Bahraini students in the U.S. registered with the Cultural office exceeds 294 students but according to the Institute of International Education’s (IIE). Open Door’s 2009 statistics the number is about 394 students and these numbers are expected to increase due to the high academic level in USA in addition to the close relations between Bahrain and USA.

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