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The Consulate General Service

The Consulate General avails itself  to provide convenient services to Bahrainis during their stay in Najaf Al-Ashraf urging them to bring the following when they require the Consulate’s help, namely:

 1 - The passport or a copy thereof;
2 - The Visa and Residency or copies thereof;
3 - Colored photograph;
4 - Identity Card (CPR);
5 - Required Fees.

Prerequisites of Marriage Permission of foreigners:

1 . The presence of the person concerned, or power of attorney to his duly authorized representative (agent);
2 . Obtaining a certificate of good conduct from the Bahraini Ministry of Interior/ General Directorate of Investigations and Forensic Science/ Forensic Science / Criminal Records Division/ Department issuing permisions and certificates.

3 . Obtaining permission to marry a foreigner from the Ministry of Justice/ Court Administration/ Shari courts, (Jaafari Section).
4 . Certificate of medical examination before marriage from the Ministry of Health, the Kingdom of Bahrain.
5 . Certificate from the employer to certify that his on the job (salary certificate), unemployed individual should support his application with statement from the Ministry of Labor.

6 . Legalization of all above mentioned documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain. Then legalization of documents at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Najaf.

Responsibility  of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Najaf:

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Najaf is an official body that is committed to respect the prevailing laws and regulations in the Republic of Iraq. Consequently, there are some issues which are beyond its capacity such as:

The Consulate General could not give a financial guarantee to any party or individuals neither lends or pays debts to hotels, hospitals, banks or any other claims, such things are considered to be personal commitment he has to fulfill, save a few exceptions, including cases of theft, baggage damage or other limited incidents.

The Consulate General couldn’t intervene with government agencies for any exemption to the application of laws and regulations.
The Consulate General couldn’t grant a visa or residence or alike of these issues which are personal responsibility of the citizen himself prior heading and after arrival to the Republic of Iraq.

The Consulate General is not responsible for residence arrangement, save exceptional emergency circumstances.

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  • Near Safi  Safa Mosque, Zamzam Tourist Complex,  Najaf Old City, Najaf Province, the Republic of Iraq

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