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H.E. Dr. Ismaeel Naji Mohammed Al-Ameen

Acting Chief of Communications

  • [2016-2019] Ph.D. Conflict Resolution Studies - Brunel University London, The United Kingdom, London
    [PhD research falls mainly in the domain of conflict resolutions in the context of cyber environment]
  • [2009-2012] Master of Business Administration (MBA) - New York Institute of Technology, The USA, New York
  • [2003-2007] Bachelor’s degree: Law and Police Sciences - Royal Police Academy, Kingdom of Bahrain
Work Experience
  • [2021] Acting Chief of Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • [2021] Vice Chairman - Committee of Sustainability of Policies and Procedures Guide, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • [2021] Member in the Excellence Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • [2020-2021] Foreign Minister Office
  • [2020] Head of Legal Affairs Unit, General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Cyber Security
  • [2015-2019] Head of a Division - Legal Affairs, Ministry of Interior
  • [2009-2014] Assigned to carry out the duties of the Director of the Search and Detection, General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Cyber Security
  • [2007-2009] Duty Officer at Manama Police Station, Ministry of Interior
Academic Works
  • [2020 - Current] Presents Specialized Lectures in the Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy for Diplomatic Studies
  • [January - August 2020] Adjunct Professor - University of Bahrain
    - Teaching principles of commercial law for undergraduate business college students.
  • [February-July 2019] Research Assistant - Brunel University London, London, Uxbridge
    - A part-time job during his PhD where he worked on a funded project with his supervisor. His main role was preparing reports, presentations and submission to peer-reviewed journal publications.
    - He has also helped in supervising undergraduate students working on research projects.
Professional Courses, Workshops, Meetings & Conferences
  • CAMS Course (BIBF-Bahrain/2013)
  • FATF Training for Assessors (Canada/2nd-6th Nov 2009)
  • Interdiction and Investigations of Cross Border Bulk Cash Smuggling Serious Crime Investigation Course (FBI/Dubai/2010)
  • First Meeting of the Expert Working Group on the Identification Location and Seizure of Assets (Rome/14-16 May 2014)
  • Attended ILECI Symposium That Organized by FBI and INTERPOL to Talk About How to Protect the Critical Infrastructures And to Create International Cooperation (7-10 July 2014/ Miami)
  • Attended a Session of Applications of the Human Rights in the Security from Nayef Arab University for Security Sciences (20-23 January 2013/Bahrain)
  • Participation in Scientific Forum of the Second Arab Police (23 January 2013/Bahrain)
  • Technical Assistance Program in Support of the Bahrain Ministry of Interior for Law Enforcement and Police Officer. By (International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Studies) (17 March - 10 April 2013 / Seracusa, Rome)
  • Seminar to Combat Organized Crime Associated with the Crime of Piracy (30th – 31st OCT. 2013/Bahrain/INTERPOLE)
  • Serious Crime Investigation Course (SANCUS SOLLUTIONS- RPA) (17th June - 12th July 2012/Bahrain)
  • Attended the International Symposium on Terrorism and Transnational Crime (7th-9th December 2012/ Turkey)
  • International Organization for Migration/Combating of Transnational Organized Crime Course (12h-16th February 2012-Kuwait)
  • Participate in Arado-Uniten International forum, “Building Blocks of a National Integrity Framework to Fight against Corruption". (12th-15th July 2011-Malysia)
  • Participation in the Forum of the Role of Information Technology and Communications in Support of Democracy and Freedom of Opinion and Expression Experiences of Arab (2nd-5th Sep. 2011/Malaysia)
  • Advanced Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering Course, By (FBI) (24th -28th January 2010 / Dubai)
  • GSS /European Symposium of Counter-Terrorism (2009/ Riyadh)
  • Bulk Cash Smuggling Training and Workshop, By (U.S. department of Homeland security (12th-15th April 2009 / Manama)
  • 3rd Assessors Training Workshop (28th June-2nd July 2009/Manama)
  • 9th MENAFATF Plenary Meeting (17th-21st May 2009/Manama)
  • Interdiction and Investigation of Cross Border Bulk Cash Smuggling (8th July 2009/ U.S. immigration and customs enforcement)
  • EGMONT Working Group & Committee Meetings (19th- 22nd Oct 2009/Kuala Lumpur)
  • Fitness Course for Officers of the Ministry of Interior (13-17 April 2008/Manama)
  • Law Enforcement Training Course for the officers in the Kingdom of Bahrain (25th-27th November 2008/RPA)
  • Ranger Course in the Special Security Force (SSF), (Bahrain, 2007).
Military Medals and Ribbons
  • Bahrain Medal, 4th Class
  • Ribbon of Sacrifice
  • Ribbon of 15 Years of Service
  • Ribbon of Ministry of Interior Centenary
  • Critical Thinking
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Policies and Procedures Engineering
  • Writing Legal Reports
  • Arabic (Mother tongue)
  • English (Fluent)

  • Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani



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