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The Kingdom of Bahrain fully supports Saudi decision towards Lebanon

The Kingdom of Bahrain expresses full support for the decision made by the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to totally evaluate its relations with the Republic of Lebanon and affirms that the move is a result of Lebanon’s recurrent official positions that were totally against the Arab interests , in violation of the Arab consensus and not in consonance with the great support it is being offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC States.

The Kingdom of Bahrain asserts that Saudi Arabia’s decision reflects its keenness on freeing the brotherly people of Lebanon from the confinement in which they are now under foreign sides’ dictations and hegemony of the terrorist group of Hezbollah which is monopolizing Lebanon’s official stances and steer them away from the interests of the Lebanese people and their genuine link to their Arab environment.

While the Kingdom of Bahrain values the Saudi decisions and considers it a necessary step, it also looks forward to the Republic of Lebanon to reconsider its stances, deter the terrorist group of Hezbollah and halt its unacceptable practices in order to return once again to its Arab setting at a time the nation needs, more than ever before, to mobilize its efforts, unify its ranks and solidify the pan-Arab action.

This is also to make Lebanon cease being the nation’s weak point at this very difficult and delicate phase the region is going through, to help the Arab nation overcome the threats it is facing and to achieve security, peace and stability for its peoples on solid foundations.

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