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Bahraini Ambassador to U.K. participates in Global Coalition Against DAESH Communications Working Group meeting

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Kingdom, Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, participated in the meeting of the Global Coalition Against DAESH Communications Working Group.

The meeting was held in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London with the participation of representatives from 79 countries and international organizations to discuss the latest developments and measures to enhance future cooperation between the coalition members to combat terrorist groups’ violence and extremism.

The meeting discussed the developments of the fight against DAESH in conflict and liberated areas amid its transformation into rebel groups with broad agendas.

The meeting also discussed ways of combating violence and extremism through the strategic channels of communication and international contact centers that work within a worldwide network to stop the terrorist groups from using the web to communicate their destructive messages to the youth.

The meeting focused on the importance of communication between the alliance’s experts to observe developments that may occur as a result of these groups using new media tools, urging collaboration between the governments, social network companies and media institutions to come up with new strategies to combat terrorism, violence and extremism.

The ambassador delivered the statement of the Kingdom of Bahrain, commending the efforts of the Global Coalition against DAESH, which was first formed in 2014 to combat terrorist groups, with focus on ISIS and praised the results and outcomes of the coalition’s ministerial meeting, held on 6 February 2019 in Washington.

He affirmed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitment to supporting the Global Coalition and stand with all the countries that fight violence and extremism of all forms and, expressing Bahrain’s keenness to consolidate international peace and security, mainly through its implementation of the Security Council’s relevant resolutions.

The Kingdom played the hos of several important UN meetings to work on implementing its resolutions and help curb the danger posed by terrorist groups, particularly ISIS, the Ambassador explained.

Shaikh Fawaz referred to the national efforts aimed at aligning local laws with international resolutions to suppress terrorism and extremism worldwide and the kingdom’s launch in cooperation with a number of national ministries and organizations of diligent online preventive campaigns covering websites, social media and media outlets to immunize the youth against DAESH’s propaganda , carried out by fruitful.

The Ambassador emphasized the Kingdom’s commitment to this case and its strong approval of the job being carried out by the contact cells of the Coalition whose Advisory Council has been chaired since 2015 by a Bahraini female diplomat who was selected to be the official representative by 79 members in November 2018.

He also affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain has highly specialized competencies in this field and welcomes exchange of expertise with its partners in the war on terrorism to confront together all the extremist ideologies and dry out their sources of funds to prevent dangers ahead of occurring.

At the end of the meeting, the participants affirmed the importance of benefiting from the different experiences of the coalition’s member states while taking into account the changes in reality amid ISIS switching their ways and tactics after the hard military blows they have received in conflict zones.

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