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Ambassador of Kingdom of Bahrain to United Kingdom holds a reception and banquet on occasion of 52nd anniversary of founding of Bahrain Defence Force

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Kingdom, Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, held a reception and lunch celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the founding of the Bahrain Defence Force at the Army & Navy Club in London.

At the ceremony the Ambassador pointed out the importance of this precious occasion for the establishment of the Bahrain Defence Force, which came from the idea of His Majesty King, Supreme Leader, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, as his Majesty was keen on developing and modernizing it to keep pace with all military developments, in addition to ensure the maintenance and security of our homeland, he also pointed to the importance of cooperation, partnership and alliance between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom which represents one of the pillars of ensuring the security and stability of the region to confront various security challenges, particularly terrorism. The ceremony was marked by a large presence of defence officials led by the Chairman of the British Parliament's Defence Committee and former Minister of Defence, Representative Tobias Ellwood, former Minister of Defence, Sir Michael Fallon, the former Minister of Defence in the British Government, Sir Nicholas Soames, Chairman of the Bahraini-British Parliamentary Committee, Bob Stewart, Vice-Chairman of the Defence Committee in the British Parliament, John Spellar, and former Minister of Trade and Cabinet Affairs, Lord Francis Maude, in addition to a number of deputies, lords and officials of the UK Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence.

The Chairman of the British Parliament’s Defence Committee and former Minister of Defence, Tobias Ellwood, delivered a speech congratulating the Kingdom of Bahrain on the anniversary of the establishment of the Bahrain Defence Force, in it he indicated the UK’s pride in the mutual cooperation achieved between the two friendly countries and the strategic and pioneering relationship that was strengthened through the British Establishment for Maritime Services in Bahrain and its crucial importance in protecting regional navigation security, adding the great logistical support it provides to the International Mission to protect the commercial shipping line in the Gulf region, he also stressed that the United Kingdom after leaving the European Union, will double its contact with friendly countries, especially those with which it has historical ties, including the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Advisor to the British Ministry of Defence, Sir Simon Mayall, noted in his speech to the depth of friendship between the two countries, in particular through his review of the history of cooperation in the field of defence, which dates back to several decades during the work of establishing the Bahrain Defence Force that was the vision of His Majesty the King when he was crown prince at the time. He also touched on the great development that has taken place in modernizing the Defence Force and its affiliated institutions to keep pace with the latest global military requirements and noted the pioneering and unique role of the Kingdom of Bahrain in supporting the United Kingdom during the Second World War by the ruler of Bahrain at the time, Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa (may God rest his soul in peace) and the people of Bahrain, who sent a message in 1939 announcing Bahrain's support to the United Kingdom in its war against evil forces, and thanks to this support, British warplanes were provided with a number of war fighters to fight the Nazi and Fascist forces at an ideal time where Britain was in urgent need of such support, as 6 of these aircraft were coloured in the colour of the Bahrain flag as a sign of gratitude for their important support to Britain.

The Head of the Bahrain Friendship Society, Peter Sincock, spoke of his pride in the progress and development of the Bahrain Defence Force in its 52nd anniversary and the pioneering role of his Majesty the King in its founding, wishing Bahrain continued progress and prosperity.

The Head of the Bahraini-British Parliamentary Friendship Group, Colonel Stewart Bob, stressed the importance of the cooperation existing between the two friendly countries thanks to the historical relationship that unites them. For his part, Lord Francis Maude praised the celebration for its importance in highlighting the historical moments of military cooperation between the two countries, affirming the need to state the importance of strategic cooperation between the two countries because of its importance in protecting regional and international security in addition to combating terrorism and extremism.

The former Minister of Defence, Sir Soames Nicholas, also indicated his pride in participating in the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the founding of the Bahrain Defence Force, and that through his previous visits to Bahrain he witnessed the extent of development of the military establishment, high level training, and preparation that the members of the Bahrain Defence Force have, stressing the importance of strengthening the existing cooperation between the two countries in all fields, especially in security and defence, because they have a great role in achieving the goals of the two countries in maintaining international peace and security.

The Former Minister of Defence, Sir Fallon Michael, stressed the importance of joint cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom in combating terrorism and protecting regional security, considering that this cooperation is unique and distinct and must be sought to maintain and enhance it, pointing out that the British naval establishment in Bahrain is clear evidence of the convergence of visions between the two countries.

In addition to the British parliament and officials, a number of Bahraini accredited officers from the Bahrain Defence Force to study and train in British military universities and colleges participated in the ceremony.

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