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Embassy of Kingdom of Bahrain to United Kingdom holds video lecture entitled: (The Kingdom of Bahrain's efforts to combat Corona pandemic: actions taken, lessons learned)

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Kingdom gave a video lecture entitled: (The Kingdom of Bahrain's efforts to combat the Corona pandemic: actions taken and lessons learned), with the participation of a large number of British Members of Parliament and interested parties, led by the Shadow Minister for Defence Procurement, Khalid Mahmood MP, Afzal Khan MP, Royston Smith MP, and Lord Jeremy Brauvis, in addition to representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of Ireland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a number of specialists and journalists, which all praised the importance of the lecture in terms of transmitting the successful experience to the Kingdom of Bahrain and identifying advanced experiences in the field of prevention, treatment and measures taken.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Kingdom, Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, pointed in his opening speech to the importance of cooperation between the countries of the world in combating the pandemic as an international disaster and the need to exchange experiences in this field because of its importance in limiting its spread and seeking access to best practices in this field, noting that this lecture comes in this context with a distinguished presence of experts from the team of the Kingdom of Bahrain who have done a great and acclaimed work by everyone during the past months, and this lecture is an opportunity to benefit from these experiences and transfer the Kingdom of Bahrain's successful approach to our friends in the United Kingdom and European countries.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Walid Al Mana, viewed a presentation in which he summarized the most important measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain through the chronology that started before registering any existing situation in Bahrain, through the directives of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, to form a national team to combat the Coronavirus, which includes all relevant authorities in the Kingdom, ephasizing that the Kingdom of Bahrain did not need a complete lockdown as happened with a other countries, this is due to the presence of adequate preparedness and adequate information for cases and procedures for statistical tracking through the electronic application "conscious communit” and all the laboratory tests, where the Kingdom of Bahrain is in an advanced rank compared to other countries of the world with regard to the per capita examination compared to the proportion of the population, which is done from Through specialized centers for examination, mobile units and other means.

Dr. Al Manea also mentioned the establishment of maximum care units for existing cases that need care, in excess of the number of existing cases, which had a significant impact and is one of the most important achievements that facilitated the care of existing cases, which reduced the number of deaths, stressing the principle of transparency adopted by the Ministry of Health in dealing with this pandemic in terms of publishing all statistics of cases on a daily basis, which raised awareness of citizens and residents.

The former adviser to the UK Ministry of Health, Professor John Ashton, who confirmed, through his briefing on the work of the Bahraini team on combating the virus that the Kingdom of Bahrain has done a great job and deserves to be focused on and all countries have preceded to prepare for this pandemic since January 2020, about a month before announcing the first case, praising the comprehensiveness of the Bahraini model, which was not overlooked by the media and awareness side in the face of such a pandemic by assigning a team specialized in this aspect and launching a national campaign in several languages for this purpose in addition to the medical side and the formation of the operating room team.

He also mentioned that Bahrain is distinguished by the number of its examinations that exceed most of the countries of the world, and keeping business and markets partially open, which kept the course of life naturally, and this is what many countries could not do because they were not well prepared or lack of awareness, which greatly affected those countries to deal with the pandemic late, that resulted in doubling the number of deaths, in contrast to what is happening in Bahrain, which is one of the least countries in terms of the number of deaths from the virus, in addition to praising Bahrain’s measures to protect all groups in society, including foreign workers, with the importance of circulating such successful experiences and documenting it, expressing his wishes that they will be used by in the United Kingdom and other European countries.

The infectious disease consultant at the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, a member of the National Medical Team to tackle Coronavirus, Lt. Col. (Dr.) Manaf Al Qahtani, also reviewed how the Kingdom of Bahrain has taken successful measures to combat this pandemic, where he reviewed the numbers of cases and the treatment protocol used, which proved successful in reducing the number of deaths compared to the number of existing cases. He also mentioned the free inspection, quarantine, isolation and treatment services for all citizens and residents, providing an explanation of Bahrain's strategy in conducting examinations, its continuous evaluation process, and the treatment that Bahrain provides for all existing cases.

For his part, Head of the International Relations Committee at the British House of Commons, Deputy Khalid Mahmoud, indicated his great admiration for the presentations of the lecturers and strategies carried out by the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of examination and treatment of the existing cases and methods of prevention in addition to future plans in how to restore life in its natural way, expressing his wishes that This experience is being used in the United Kingdom.

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