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The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Kingdom participates in an event hosted by Embassy Magazine on the occasion of World Book Day

Stemming from the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitment to Human Rights and its support for initiatives, big or small, the Embassy donated a number of books in the Arabic language to the library of HM Prison Maidstone during an event hosted by Embassy Magazine, Roland Brothers International, and with the participation of Mr. Dave Atkinson, the Prison’s Governor. The books reflect the rich history of the Kingdom of Bahrain, its culture, and ancient civilizations among other topics.

Mr. Atkinson gave a presentation titled “Books for Prisoners”, highlighted the role that books and reading play in rehabilitation, and thanked the embassies that participated and donated books in their own language. He also added HMP Maidstone houses foreign nationals with a minimum of 18 Months to serve and therefore, non-english are a needed and welcomed edition to the library.

Sue Ackerman received the donation on behalf of Roland Brothers International.

Both Mr. Atkinson and Ms Ackerman expressed their appreciation for the Embassy’s effort and reiterated the importance of reading and education, adding that rehabilitation requires involvement and positive action from all stakeholders in society and is not just limited to criminal justice institutions.

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