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Bahrain reiterates support to Palestinian issue

Bahrain has reiterated its unwavering stance that achieving just and comprehensive peace in the region will remain directly linked to the Palestinian people’s recovery of their legitimate rights of establishing their independent state on June 4, 1967 borders with its capital East Jerusalem and ending the Israeli occupation of all the Palestinian lands and stopping all settlement activities.

This came in a speech by Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Jamal Faris Al Ruwei before the Security Council in an open discussion on April 20 of an article on the situation in the Middle East. The discussion session was chaired by the US Representative to the UN Nikki Haley, being the Security Council Chairperson in April.

Al Ruwei stressed the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities and force Israel to accept peace and respect the international law and resolutions, including resolution 2334 which is considered a triumph to the Palestinian right and reflects an international unanimity on the illegitimacy of settlement and a rejection of occupation and its repercussions.

Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to the UN re-emphasised Bahrain’s stance on the need to speed up working out a comprehensive political solution that preserves Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity as well as guarantees eradication of all terrorist organisations all over the country. He pointed out the need to stop foreign interference happening directly or by proxy and hindering the efforts to find a settlement to the crisis and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people. He also called to back all efforts to ensure humanitarian aid reach the Syrian people to alleviate their suffering and provide all needs for a decent life.

As for the Yemeni issue, Al Ruwei affirmed that Bahrain will remain committed to participating in the Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen until ensuring the country’s unity, security and stability, liberating it from foreign interference and safeguarding the supreme interest of Yemen and the Yemeni people. He lauded, in this respect, the diplomatic efforts made in this regard.

Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to the UN said Iran has to stop interfering in countries’ internal affairs and adhere to the principles of good neighbourliness according to international laws and covenants. He stressed Bahrain’s commitment to working with the international community to overcome all challenges in the Middle East and ensure a secure and peaceful future.

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