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UAE Ambassador and Saudi and Bahraini Charge’ D’affaires meet Turkish Foreign Ministry official

The Ambassador of The United Arab Emirates, Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar, Charge’ D’affaires of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,Abdullah Al Ghamdi and Charge’ D’affaires of the Kingdom of Bahrain Kameel Abdullah Al Ramdhan met with Director General of Middle East Affairs at the Foreign Ministry of the Turkish Republic, Kerem Kıratlı.

During the meeting, the representatives of the three countries emphasized that their countries’ position to severe diplomatic and consular relations with the State of Qatar came as a result of Qatar’s support of terrorism and its destabilization of security and peace in the region.

At the end of the meeting, they affirmed that what was happening in the Gulf region is boycott not an imposed blockade on the state of Qatar and pointed that the three countries took this decision to confront terrorism and preserve their national security while taking into consideration the brotherly Qataris’ humanitarian cases, especially what pertains to the mixed families living on the territories of both sides.

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