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Dr. Ebrahim Yusuf Al-Abdullah 

Highest Managerial Qualifications:

-          PhD in Mathematics and Education from Paris University VII (1979).

-          Executive Management Diploma (Post Doctorate) (1989).


Most Important Training Courses:

Participated in a number of training seminars in several countries related to administration, strategic planning and evaluation of educational projects, programs and institutions.


Medals and Honors:

Awarded the Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa (late Ameer of Kingdom of Bahrain) National Medal of the Third Degree



-          Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of Turkey (2008-   )

-          Non-resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of Kazakhstan (2015-   )

-          Following up with political and economic issues related to Central Asia and the Caucasus (2008-   ).

-          Educational expert and specialist for some educational institutes and organizations (2002-2008)

-          Member of the Parliamentary Council of the Kingdom of Bahrain  (2002-2006)

-          Assistant Undersecretary for General and Technical Education (1997-2002)

-          Director of Curricula Development (1983-1997)

-          Head of Mathematics and Science Curriculum Specialists (1981-1983)

-          Math Curriculum Specialist (1974-1979)

-          Teacher of mathematics at intermediate and high public schools (1969-1974)


Other Activities related to previous work experience


-          Lecturer on different educational subjects including the Methodology of Mathematics to students of Higher Diploma in Education, at Bahrain University College (1980-1982). Teaching Mathematics and the Methodology of Mathematics at the higher institutes for teachers (1972-1974).

-          Administered Seminars in Educational Management and Curriculum supervised by the American University in Beirut (1990-1994).

-          Head of the team of developing mathematics methodology and teaching in the GCC States.


Memberships in Committees

Member of several Arab, Regional and International Committees, Networks and Forums in the fields of Education, Training and Human Resources in addition to Parliamentary, Diplomatic and Political areas. Main Memberships are:


-          Executive Board Member of the Asian Parliament Association for Peace (2002-2006)

-          Executive Board Member of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (1996-2002)

-          Member of the International network for Teaching Science and Technology (1984-2002)

-          Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Coordinator of UNESCO’s International Consultative Forum on “Education for All” (1997-2002)

-          Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Coordinator of UNESCO’s Technical and Vocational Education Network (1979-2002)

-          Member of Bahrain delegation to the meetings of the Executive Council Of the UNESCO (1989-1993)

-          Member of the Awards Committee of the Scientific Research and Publication at the Arab Bureau of Education of the Gulf Cooperation Council States (1985-1990)

-          Member of the joint Bahraini-Egyptian Committee (1997-2002)





Scientific Output


·         Authoring

Main Works are:


-          Issues in Sustainable Development (November 2006)

-          Educational Problems, Reform and Sustainable Development (November 2005)

-          Educational Reforms to Address Current Requirements and Future Challenges (2004)

-          Improving Educational Output (2003)

-          Raise Educational Efficiency in Schooling (2002)

-          Book Titled “Tripped Educational Reform and Educational Corruption” yet to be published.


·         Textbooks Authoring

-          Participated in authoring (31) Mathematics and Science Textbook for the Primary, Secondary and High Schools for Bahrain, the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries and Arab and International Organizations (ALESCO and UNESCI)


·         Studies and Research

§  Supervised several scientific research and studies.

§  Prepared several Studies and Research in the following areas:

·         Educational Planning, Reform, Development and Quality Improving (20)

·         Development of Educational Institutions and Management (20)

·         Development and Structuring Curriculum (15)

·         Educational Development for the Primary, Secondary and High Schools and Development of Technical and Vocational Education (Industrial and Commercial) (15).

·         Educational Guidance and Strategies and use of Information and Communication Technology in Education (15)

·         Development of the Performance Guidelines of Teachers and Students (6)

·         Democracy, Parliamentary issues and Financial and administrative corruption (5)

·         Several Studies and Papers in the areas of Politics and International Relations, Economic, Industrial and Technologic Development, Human Development, Child Care, Youth Empowerment, and Cultural Development.

·         Several Studies and Papers in the areas of Enhancing Common Interests between Bahrain and Turkey and between Bahrain and Central Asian countries and the Caspian Sea.

·         Several Studies and Papers in the areas of Reform and Political, Social and Economic Transformation in the member countries of the OIC.


·         Major Studies in Political and Diplomatic Areas


·         Several studies and work papers in the political and diplomatic fields:


-          Political reform and collusion in the Kingdom of Bahrain (April 2011)

-          Bahrain and Iran's policy in the Arabian Gulf (December 2012)

-          Events, disturbances and recommendations of the Independent Commission of Inquiry, efforts to reform and develop democracy and human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain (December 2011)

-          The Kingdom's policy to confront violence and terrorism in Bahrain (November 2011)

-          The second round of national dialogue in Bahrain, and the escalation of violence and terrorism (February 2013)

-          A comparison between the position of the political leadership in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the so-called opposition to the implications of democracy

-          Long-term policy and soft power to confront the threats to the region and the reactions of some states (January 2015)

-          Countering terrorism in the region (May 2013)

-          Reinstalling the roles in the Middle East (January 2012)

-          An attempt to encircle Iran, besiege it and isolate it politically (June 2012)

-          International conflict in the region (February 2012)

-          Civil society organizations and their participation in public affairs (January 2013)

-          Parliamentary diplomacy and communication (November 2010)

-          The relationship of education with democracy and the requirements of educational development (April 2010)

-          Multidirectional foreign policy and its dimensions on some countries (August 2014)

-          Reform and political, social and economic transformation in the OIC countries (March 2012)

-          Strengthening bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and some Caspian countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan)

-          Several studies and policy reports on the foreign and internal policy of Turkey in various periods and their implications for the GCC countries


·         Major Studıes ın the Economıc Field


-          The economic and investment environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain and its role in activating the strategic partnership (October 2014)

-          Towards a strong and effective strategic economic partnership between the GCC and Turkey (November 2016)

-          Establishing the foundations for a new phase of strategic partnership (March 2013)

-          Strengthening the role of the private sector in economic cooperation (September 2014)

-          Raise productivity efficiency of small and medium enterprises (October 2012)

-          High quality education and continuous training associated with life and work is a national security issue (November 2015)


·         A series of studies in the field of diagnosing the economic and investment situation, accurate analysis of economic data in Turkey, Turkey's economic relations with a group of countries, and implications for GCC countries.


·         Articles in Newspapers


Published several Articles in the areas of Human Resources Management, Strategic Planning, Educational and Managerial Development, Culture, Institutional Reform, Comprehensive Reform and Development, Civil Society, Public and Parliamentary issues

Activities on the Organizational Level


-          Participated in more than (50) International Conference, and presented papers, in the area of Reform and Development of Education for the 21st Century and in the Parliamentary area of Political, Economic and Social Reform and Transformation.

-          Headed the Parliamentary Division Delegation to the Meetings of the Assembly of the Association of Asian Parliaments for Peace in Philippines (2003), Pakistan (2004), Thailand (2005) and Iran (2006).

-          Participated in several International Conferences in the areas of Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance, Parliamentary Issues, Alliance of Civilizations and Comprehensive Reform.

-          Frequently chosen to participate, with other experts and intellectuals, in the developing of the educational work on country, regional, Arab and International levels and to put plans and programs for development and modernization.

-          Frequently chosen to participate in several symposiums, seminars and workshops organized by Arab and International organizations.

-          Worked within the experts group of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science on the project related to Mathematics Textbooks and programs in the Arab countries.


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