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Bahraini, Saudi, Egyptian Ambassadors and UAE Charge’ D’affaires Meet China’s Foreign Ministry official

The Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and Arab Republic of Egypt along with the UAE Charge’ D’affaires, Met with Ambassador Xiao Junzheng, the Deputy Director of the Department of West Asia and North Africa Affairs at the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China.

They gave a detailed account of the reasons behind their countries’ decision to take sovereign measures to protect security and political stability of their states by severing their diplomatic and consular relations and close land, sea and air spaces with the State of Qatar.

The explained that this was in retaliation to the generous financial support, political cover and intensified media back-up offered by Qatar to the extremist and terrorist groups and radical militias which seek to over throw the political regimes, create chaos, sow sedition and fuel sectarianism in their countries.

The diplomats affirmed the need for the State of Qatar to take full responsibility to correct its foreign policy as verbal pledges are no longer feasible in order to be able to engage in a transparent way and without double standards in regional and world efforts to combat terrorism.

“It should implement Riyadh agreement of 2014 in full, respond to the reconciliation conditions and mediation endeavors led by the State of Kuwait and not to interfere in its neighboring states’ domestic affairs,” they noted.

“It should halt its support and funding of the terrorist organizations and not foster or shelter the terrorists who seek to fuel sedition for the sake of our national security as Qatar is responsible for giving a foothold to the terrorists on its soil and within its population in a way that jeopardizes regional safety.”

The ambassadors also asserted their keenness not to cause harm to the Qatari citizens as a result of the wrong practices of their government and to take into account the humanitarian cases, if there is any.

For their part, the Chinese side expressed sorrow and concern over the deteriorating relations of the four countries with the State of Qatar and voiced non-interference in their domestic affairs, pursuant to China’s stance to adhere to an essential international principle of not to do so.

The Chinese side affirmed that dialogue within the GCC framework and Kuwait’s mediation is the sole civilizational way to settle conflict and deal with and deescalate the crisis.

The Chinese side recalled the charters of the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Councils and to remain committed to them as the ideal framework for shaping relations between the member states and directing them towards sustainable cooperation and constructive integration.

“China is bind by historic relations and advanced cooperation in multiple fields with the GCC States and is ready to offer advice and consultation if asked to so to help the concerned parties reach an urgent effective solution to the crisis.

“ This to help the countries of the region to return to normalcy as a haven of security, stability, growth, development and prosperity and to foster solidarity and confront challenges together and effectively counter terrorism, extremism and sectarianism,” they remarked.


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