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Permanent Representative in Geneva: HRC Commissioner’s statement against reality, human rights guaranteed by law

The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations Dr. Yousif Abdul Kareem Bucheri rejected what had been said by the UNHRC Commissioner as barely untrue and alien to reality.
This came at the interactive dialogue of Human Rights Council High Commissioner, held under article 2 of the agenda of the 34th session, that kick-started in Geneva on February 27 and continues till March 24, 2017 to implement the recommendations contained in the report. 
He affirmed that the national law takes into account human rights and reality speaks for itself as there are safeguards in Bahrain that have been established in accordance with international standards human rights and subsequently many successes have been made in this regard and that the alleged “increasing limitations imposed on civil society and political action are untrue.
“ The full practice of political and civic rights along with the community’s free practice of legislative, press and media activities within the framework of the royal reform scheme of His Majesty the King are but some of the many tangible proofs. ”
 The Ambassador added that the alleged ban on travel and dissolution of one of the societies is not correct as the only dissolved society was upon adjudication in light of the many grave violations it committed, targeting the principle of rule of law, supporting terrorism and camouflaging violence.
However, he said, no travel ban has ever been imposed on any human rights advocates with except of the orders issued by the general prosecution against individuals pending investigation in incidents punishable by law .
“ As far as the Bahrain civil society is concerned, societies enjoy the right to freedom of peaceful expression, assembly, formation of associations and demonstrations is safeguarded in national legislation on condition they remain disciplined and observant of  the rule of law and human rights and provided that  they do not swerve to violence or be exploited to assault people and private and public property .”
The ambassador was astonished to hear the High Commissioner’s expressing concern over what he called “increasing violations of human rights in the kingdom”, saying that what is strange is that he does not rely in his claims on any tangible facts. 
“It’d be better for him to confront the Kingdom of Bahrain with such allegations giving proofs so as he could obtain accurate answers to cease talking bad of the kingdom from above this stand and stop belittling our human rights attainments.” 
In this context, the Permanent Representative affirmed that claims of human rights violations and oppression are mere groundless allegations because the democratic constitutional system of the Kingdom with its legislative and judicial institutions along with the concerned government agencies and their practices on the ground speak for themselves and stand as evidence on Human rights safeguards.
In conclusion, the Bahraini Ambassador said the kingdom of Bahrain would look forward to cooperating with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, avail of the interactive dialogue and coordinate with stakeholders to support human rights and the rule of law and equality as common goals. 

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