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Always convey the bright image of Bahrain

General guidelines

1- Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months.

2- Follow instructions on embassy and government websites on how to apply for a visa.

3- Check the type of required visa (single/multiple) as well as its validity period.

4- Fill in the application accurately with the required information when applying for the visa (whether it is for tourism, medical treatment, study, etc).

5- You should deal solely with accredited local and international travel agencies that are officially licensed by competent authorities.

6- Avoid traveling to troubled countries and regions with infectious diseases.

7- Follow the rules and regulations issued by the security authorities of the countries you are visiting.

8- Check your destinations policy on carrying large cash amounts.

9- If you face any problem, call Bahrain’s diplomatic mission in the country or contact any GCC mission or MoFA operations office on: +97317227555.

Guidelines to avoid theft

1- Keep your jewellery in the hotel’s safe box and take a receipt from the hotel management of all contents that you placed in the lockbox.

2- Keep scans and photocopies of all travel and bank documents on hand.

3- Keep your personal belongings in a safe and secure place.

4- Do not carry large amounts of cash while in public.

5- Carry as little cash as possible and rely more on debit/credit cards.

6- Always be aware of your personal belongings in crowded areas.

7- To avoid overcharges, always check your shopping receipts.

8- Avoid speaking to strangers as they may attempt to distract you prior to theft.

9- Guard yourself when withdrawing money from bank ATM machines.

10- Only present your identification to official authorities when asked.

11- Be aware of different theft techniques such as collision and distraction schemes.

12- Immediately report theft to police authorities and Embassy.

Guidelines for residence and transportation:

1- Rent residence directly from well-known real estate offices. Avoid signing unofficial or unsupported residence contracts and carefully read the terms and conditions of the contracts.

2- Rent cars directly from well-known and certified car rental offices, avoid renting from individuals in an unofficial way, and carefully read the terms and conditions of the contracts.

Guidelines for appearance and clothes:

1- Respect your destination country’s attire practices.

2- Do not wear jewellery in excess or carry anything that would draw attention.

«Wejhaty» is a free service provided to the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain while abroad. It aims to facilitate communication between the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Bahrain and citizens registered in the service, providing important alerts in emergency situations and coordination for the return of citizens, in addition to providing information on visas, travel insurance and means of communication with diplomatic missions.

The program can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store and via eGovernment portal www.bahrain.bh

For Bahrainis:

Thailand Custom Formalities and Information for Travelers
Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Drinks

The maximum Duty-Free allowances of the restricted goods for visitors arriving in Thailand will be as follow;

  • 200 cigarettes roll (10 packs) plus by cigar with maximum overall weight is 500 grams.
    (If traveler hands cigarette and other tobacco over assigned act, must be imprisoned not over 6 months or fined not over 2,000 Thai Baht or both.)

  • 1 liter of liquor (if over 1 liter but not more than 10 liters, traveler has to pay tax according to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Thailand.

    (If traveler hands some liquor over assigned act, must be paid fine not over 1,000 Thai Baht and all goods will be destroyed.)


Royal Thai Immigration Bureau

  • The passport of all travelers who wish to get into the Kingdom of Thailand and South East Asian Countries must be valid not less than 6 months from the date of entering.
  • Bahraini citizen will be granted to stay in Thailand for 4 weeks upon their arrival.
  • Travelers who intend to stay longer are advised to renew a visa before it is invalid at the Immigration Bureau (Address: Building B, Bangkok Government Center, Chaengwattana Road @ Tel 02 141 9889). If travelers over stay in the Kingdom of Thailand, they will be fined 500 THB per day and maximum 20,000 THB to be paid upon the departure.


Traveler Advice:

  • Registration of Bahraini Citizens in Thailand (PDF File)  The information that travelers register on this Form will allow the Embassy assist you in event of an emergency.
  • Travelers are advised to have the Medical Insurance while staying in abroad.

  • Embassies

  • Find a Kingdom of Bahrain embassy:

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  • bahrain
  • 2030 bahrain
  • bahrain
  • upr
  • kingdom of bahrain
  • *Ministry of Foreign Affairs' is responsible for coordinating and implementing all matters related to the nation's foreign policy, Bahrain's relations with other countries and international organizations, and to protecting the interests of Bahraini citizens abroad.