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  • The Kingdom of Bahrain is following the developments of the situation in Iraq and affirms its continued support for the on-going political process. The Kingdom's stance centers on the need to preserve Iraq's unity, independence, and territorial integrity, and the necessity of securing its borders in cooperation with neighboring countries and international powers, while ensuring full respect for Iraqi unity, independence, sovereignty, and the free will of the Iraqi people to shape their future.

  • Appreciating the constructive pivotal role played by Iraq's neighboring countries, and their effective participation in improving the security situation, and providing technical assistance and training to Iraq's Security sector (fire-fighters).

  • The Kingdom of Bahrain has contributed to Iraq by supporting the political process and reconciliation efforts and initiatives; supporting the Iraqi security plans seeking to consolidate Iraq's stability, and the complete unity of the Iraqi people representing all political persuasions, and religious and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, Bahrain has expressed its confidence in the ability of the Iraqi people to assume their national responsibilities, and in their commitment to a democratic political process, and their resolve in addressing all acts seeking to undermine national and social unity.

  • The denunciation of all criminal and terrorist acts that target holy places, places of worship, and innocent victims, including Iraqi civilians and diplomats working in Baghdad.

  • The Kingdom of Bahrain takes caution not to interfere in internal Iraqi affairs, and instead focuses on how to constructively support Iraq.

  • The Kingdom of Bahrain participated in the preparatory meeting of the Iraq Reconciliation Conference, which was held in Cairo on 19-20 November, 2005, under the auspices of the Arab League. An agreement was reached to hold the conference in Iraq, and called for the necessity to hold a reconciliation conference in Baghdad as soon as possible. The Kingdom of Bahrain also welcomed the outcome of the Mecca Conference of religious clerics on 20 October, 2006.

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