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Bahrain Consulate in Jeddah calls on Bahraini pilgrims to get vaccinated and obtain haj permits

The General Consulate of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Jeddah calls on the Bahraini pilgrims to meet all the instructions of the Hajj season for this year including the necessary to taking preventive vaccinations against epidemic diseases, prior to their departure to the holy sites.

It has also urges them to take with them their vehicles’ permits to be able to travel by road inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to get official Hajj permissions and not to harbor offenders to avoid being vulnerable to legal accountability.

The General Consulate urges Bahraini Haj to adhere to all the instructions, advice and guidance, issued by the authorities concerned and to go to the holy sites only through the accredited Hajj campaigns of the mission of the Kingdom of Bahrain after obtaining Hajj permits from the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Bahraini Hajj campaigns because non-enrolled Bahraini campaigns would not be allowed to enter the holy sites for Hajj.

The General Consulate calls on Haj people to observe the laws in what concerns the arrival dates specified by competent Saudi authorities, noting that the Saudi authorities will not allow hajj campaigns’ administrative staff to perform Hajj rituals as their role is limited to administrative and logistical matters.

It also calls for pre-planning by the kingdom’s pilgrims prior to traveling to the holy land with licensed Hajj campaigns and advises them to avoid congestion with the rest of the pilgrims and to take into account that it is not allowed to use private cars in rituals and that violators of the above instructions are to be held accountable.

The Consulate stresses the need to adhere to the procedures applied by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in regulating the movement of the vehicles circulating in Mecca vicinity where it denies entry to Mecca to all types of vehicles which are not registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have a capacity of less than 25 passengers or are driven by Ihram-wearing Haj.

It notes that all small cars will be parked at the allotted Mecca entrances’ parks and their occupants transported to Mecca in public buses, or asked to return from where they came.

The consulate notes that Saudi authorities will prevent, under all circumstances, all kinds of small vehicles from entering the holy sites, during the Hajj season, and also bans all kinds of service vehicles which are supposed to transports staff, supervisors and workers from entering as well unless they show the permissions provided to the service supervisors who should use the vehicles in accordance with the governing rules.

The Consulate General warns that this year’s Haj is expected to witness the highest temperatures compared to previous years, which necessitates from campaigns to educate pilgrims, especially the new ones who have never performed Hajj before, and advise them not to move or do work at peak hours and preferably go out or do things only after sunset prayers.

It appeals to the pilgrims of the Kingdom of Bahrain wishing to travel by road to perform Hajj to remain vigilant behind the wheels and to make sure vehicles and their tires are ok for their own safety.

If assistance is needed, the Consulate-General calls on all the kind pilgrims of the Kingdom of Bahrain to contact the phone numbers provided below, advising them to follow the "Hajj travel guidelines" on its social networking account of Twitter.

Consulate Tel. Number: +966126076770
Consulate Fax Number: +966126079565
Address of General Consulate on Twitter Account: @BahrainConKSA
MOFA Operations Office (24H): 0097317212006/0097317227555

With best wishes to all Mecca pilgrims

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