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Visas: People wishing to visit Kingdom of Bahrain for tourism or Business would now be able to know if they are eligible for a visa, apply and even view its status electronically

The Bahraini government is trying through these services to help people get their visa applications processed in the fastest time possible without any delays as requirements are clearly stated for the e-visa to be issued. You can determine if you are eligible for any visa and what's required online.

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Main Consular Services:

The Embassies and Consulates of the Kingdom of Bahrain operate to their best in order to serve the citizens abroad. These services include:

1. Bahraini Passport: Bahrainis who are outside the Kingdom and who wish to replace their expired passports can visit the embassies and consulates of the Kingdom abroad to apply for a replacement.

Service Eligibility Requirements:
- The citizens or their legal representatives must go in person to any embassy or consulate general of the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad and in case of the absence of a diplomatic mission in the country of residence; they ought to contact the nearest consulate.
- In case of wishing to conduct any amendment on the passport, they should apply to the head of mission or his representative.

Documents to be submitted:
- Letter to Head of Mission.
- Application form (click for the form).
- 2 personal photographs
- 3 passport size photos (2x2) in white background
- Copy of the legal status in USA or Canada (front & back)
- Processing time – 6 to 8 weeks

- BD 10 or the equivalent in the currency of the country of residence
- BD 5 (for 60- year olds and above)
- US $30 cash

2. Laissez-passer: Only Bahraini nationals are eligible to this service. Visit the nearest embassy or consulate of the Kingdom of Bahrain only in cases when:

- The Bahraini citizen is born outside the Kingdom.
- The passport is stolen or lost abroad.

To be eligible to the Service:
- The father or legal representative or holder of the lost passport must be present in person.
- Must submit a report of theft or loss, issued by the country concerned and legalized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain

For citizens born abroad
1. Foreign passport agreement (click here for the form)
2. 2 passport size photos (2x2) in white background
3. Copy of birth certificate
4. Copy of ID for father, mother or grandfather
5. Copy of marriage contract

For passports lost or stolen abroad
1. Application form (click here for the form)
2. 2 passport size photos (2x2) in white background
3. A copy of report stating theft or loss document from the nearest police station in the city of residence

3. Legalization: - Currently we are asking our customers to send documents for legalization via FedEx or UPS. They must include a prepaid return airway bill as well.
- Fee schedule for Commercial invoices needs to added (click here for the form)
- Processing time – 5 business days

4. Certificate of good conduct: Embassies and Consulates abroad facilitate the issuance of the certificates of good conduct for citizens residing abroad and foreigners who have previously worked in the Kingdom.

Documents required for the issuance of a certificate of good conduct:
- Fill in the required attached form to obtain a certificate of good conduct. (Click for the form) The applicant‘s finger & palm prints should be in black color and have been legalized by the security side or the Bahrain diplomatic mission.
- Palm prints (click here for the form)
- finger prints & official verification (click here for the form)
- 2 photographs with blue background.
- Passport copy
- Copy of the residence permit issued by the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs in Bahrain.
- Copies of first and last visas if available.
- Copy of National ID if available.
- Processing time – 3 to 4 months

- Issuance fees of BD1 or the equivalent in a foreign currency

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