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Mubarak Abdulla Buti

Cultural & Educational Counselor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Mubarak Abdulla Buti was appointed by the Ministry of Education in September 2009 to work at the Cultural Office as the Assistant Cultural Counselor and then promoted to Cultural Counselor in May 2013. Dr Mubarak Buti, has recently earned his doctoral degree in Education Leadership from George Mason University.

Mubarak was deployed to various departments and positions in the Ministry of Education since September 2005, he worked as Training Specialist in the Directorate of Training and Professional Development responsible for training teachers in the field of the Design & Technology.

Mubarak has also worked as an officer in the Undersecretary for Resources and Services at the Ministry of Education and participated in coordinating projects and leading teams involved the Education Reform Initiatives like the establishment of the Bahraini Teachers Training College and other curriculum development projects.

Mubarak’s experience at the Ministry of Education for four years exposed him to enriching his experiences and provided him with the challenge to work with a diversified group of people from various departments. His main interest of his current job is to work on activating the educational and cultural experiences between the Ministry of Education and the Educations institutions in US.

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Represents the Bahraini Ministry of Education and Bahraini Educational Institutions and other governmental agencies that sponsor Bahraini students in the US and Canada.
  • Oversees Bahraini students in the US and Canada and conducts university visits to strengthen the ties with the International Student Offices and also to check on the progress and monitor the progress and performance of the Bahraini students.
  • Development of university and organizational relations including agreements, protocols, coordination of visits, and outreach programs
  • Facilitates communications between American Universities and educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Oversees governmental policy and scholarship rules and regulations regarding financial obligations, academic progress of the students and immigration status.
  • Oversees the Cultural Office in Studies and Statistics Department Academic Accreditation University Relations and Directory Student Complaints Department Public Relations and Security


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