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Cultural Office Authentication

1. It is advisable that students contact the Cultural Office at or Fax: 202 362-5207 upon graduation for the process of authentication before departing the United States as follows:


1-   Student must send originals or copies of the final transcripts.

2-   Student must send original or copy of degree.

3-   Student must sign an Authorization letter to allow the Cultural Office to contact the concerned university for degree verification.


Total turn-around time:  Approximately two weeks and it differs from one university to another.


2. Legalization steps by the State Department & the Consulate at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain:


As for the matter of legalization steps and timeline, the standard steps are itemized are as follows:


1-   Notarization by DC Notary

This step will be Completed day of document receipt


2-   Certification by DC Treasurer

This step will be Completed day of document receipt


3-   Authentication by US Dep’t of State

This Step will be Completed day after document receipt


4-   Submission to Bahrain Embassy

This Step will be Completed day after document receipt


5-   Legalization by Bahrain Consulate

This Step will be Completed within 3-4 business days


6-  Return of document to student depending upon where the student is.

This Step will be Completed day of document release by Bahrain Consulate


Total turn-around time:  Approximately one (1) week.


The Embassy of Bahrain in Washington in collaboration with the Cultural Attaché Office contacted some document legalization agencies and exchanged with them views on how to help citizens and particularly students, to have their official documents legally endorsed.

We are also pleased to suggest and provide the address and contact umbers of one of Legalization agencies.

Should you need help, please visit or contact this office as outlined below:

Sami A. Swadek
Speedy Egger Document Services
4900 Leesburg Pike #204
Alexandria, VA  22302
Phone: (703) 931-4949
Fax: (703) 931-5959

Email Address:

Prices outlined downwards indicate legalization Handling fees per one document:

Notary public fee                                                 $ 5.00/ Document

D.C.Notary Comm. & Authentication Section          $ 10.00/Document

U.S.Dept.of State (Authentication Office)               $ 8.00/ Document

Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy                               $ 60.00/ Document

SpeedyEgger's Processing & Handling fees             $45.00/ Document

DHL- Overnight mail                                             $45.00/$55.00/ Document


Total                                                                     $ 173.00 




Contact information (PDF) & Authorization Letter (PDF) Forms

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