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Minister of State for Foreign Affairs affirms Bahrain’s position in supporting the Palestinian case

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ghanim bin Fadl Al Buainain, headed the delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Arab League’s ministerial meeting at its the extraordinary session held tonight at the Cairo headquarters to discuss the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.
He reiterated in his speech at the meeting Bahrain’s condemnation of Israel's brutal attack on the Gaza Strip, which left many dead and wounded and targeted the destruction of homes, property and the lives of innocent people.
Mr Al Buainain stressed the importance of unified international efforts to stop the repeated and unjustified Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which undermine security and stability in the Middle East.
He expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and the Palestinian leadership and people, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.
The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said that the Palestinian issue was the central concern in the Arab world, adding that they were all partners in this matter that was dictated by their responsibility towards the Palestinians and in the bonds that unite them.
He pointed out that Bahrain’s position would remain steadfast in supporting the Palestinian cause and stand by the Palestinians for their legitimate rights to establish their independent state on Palestinian soil.
Mr Al Buainain also praised the role of the Arab League in supporting and promoting the Palestinian cause.
He affirmed the discontent towards the failure of the Security Council and the countries supporting the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip to take action, calling on the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities under the UN Charter on safeguarding international peace and security.
Arab League Secretary-General, Dr Nabil Al Arabi, updated the meeting on efforts and contacts made to end the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and its repercussions.
The ministerial council agreed at the end of the meeting to set up an open-membership ministerial committee to visit the Gaza Strip and affirm solidarity with the Palestinian people as well as immediately deal with humanitarian needs.

This is in addition to assigning the Arab Peace Initiative Committee the task of re-evaluating the Arab position and reconsidering the feasibility of the task of the Quartet and its role in light of its inability to make any achievement towards just and comprehensive peace as well as reconsidering the methodology established internationally and its mechanisms to address the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The ministerial council demanded that all humanitarian needs must be provided in an urgent manner such as food, medicine and medical equipment to treat the injured.
It also called for the commitment of stopping all forms of normalisation with Israel.

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