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MOFA of Kingdom of Bahrain’s response to statements of Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Kingdom’s hosting of important military meeting

In response to the statement of the Spokesperson of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Kingdom of Bahrain’s hosting of an important international military conference to discuss the current developments in the region, held last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain affirms that such a statement reflects the Iranian approach against all measures that aim at serving the interests of the countries and people of the region. The statement also mirrors the determination of Iran to obstruct all efforts and initiatives aimed at enhancing peace and security and protecting the freedom of maritime navigation in the Arabian Gulf and the region. Freedoms that Iran has benefited from for decades.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses that hosting such meetings and conferences come in line with the Kingdom’s continued efforts and policies that are based on active participation to provide security and peace through collective action and joint cooperation with allies and international partners, who are keen to shoulder their responsibility in facing all the challenges targeting this region which is of great importance to the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs further calls upon Iran to to stop such irresponsible statements, refrain from issuing empty threats or committing any acts that may cause tensions, and to commit to de-escalation and to respect the interests, sovereignty and independence of states to preserve regional and international peace and security.

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