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Foreign Minister on His Majesty the King’s vision of peace and coexistence

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, stressed that the vision of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, to spread peace and establish tolerance and coexistence among nations has consolidated the status of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a pioneering country in bringing cultures together and enriching interaction between people of religions and beliefs around the world.

The Foreign Minister added that the Kingdom of Bahrain is and always has been offering many initiatives that left a great impact in the areas of peace, tolerance and coexistence. Such initiatives include the declaration of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is a clear message of the Kingdom’s values that call for promoting religious freedom, and the establishment of the King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Coexistence, which has become a model for spreading the culture of communication, rapprochement between world cultures and openness to others, in addition to the inauguration of the King Hamad Chair in Interfaith Dialogue and Peaceful Co-Existence at the Sapienza University in Rome, and the launch of the King Hamad center's “Cyber-Peace Programme”, all of which affirm the need to spread this great human culture by His Majesty. 

Dr. Al-Zayani pointed out that the Kingdom of Bahrain’s signing of the declaration supporting peace with Israel coincided with the International Day of Peace, which is an important historical step aimed at bringing peace, stability and prosperity to the Middle East, and ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution. This step also comes to embody the firmly established faith of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the importance of spreading peace and rejecting violence in the world, in order to reach a safer and more prosperous future for the nations of the region.

The Minister also underlined that spreading peace and promoting a culture of tolerance, coexistence and brotherhood is an original principle in the Kingdom of Bahrain, adding that His Majesty the King is keen to consolidate such principle in the conscience of the people of Bahrain, the peoples of the region and the world at large, and to spread it internationally as a confirmation of the bonds of brotherhood and love that unite the peoples of the world, and as a commitment to the teachings of the divine religions and international covenants.


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