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Shaikha Wessal: 'Jusoor' is a global concept

Zainb Ismail - Akhbar Alkhaleej Newspaper

The Foreign Minister’s wife, President of Jusoor Program, Shaikha Wessal bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, stated that the team at Jusoor are keen to share cultural experiences, encourage embassies to hold events that would increase awareness of other cultures in Bahrain and in other countries. She noted that there are concepts similar to Jusoor in other countries, but may vary depending on projects pursued.

She added that the program coordinated visits of diplomats’ families residing in the Kingdom, to archaeological, touristic and cultural sites.
Shaikha Wessal stressed that Jusoor will continue its work, and most recently, took part in the National Initiative for the development of agricultural production. The of this involvement was  to promote  Bahrain Garden Fair, which maintains international recognition under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the King’s wife. This is an event thoroughly covered by Jusoor in order to attract the largest possible number of visitors.

Shaikha Wessal said that the organisers of Jusoor held a workshop to present the gardens fair so that embassies would take part in it. She also said that visits were made to Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Khalifa’s Fort, and that program members will visit Gallery «973», part of the Ministry of Social Development’s «one unity» project for young talents. Shaikha Wessal said that all diplomats’ wives are honorary members of the program and total more than 40 members since its start in 2007.

Jusoor is run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and regarded as one of the key schemes in enriching cultural and social exchange between Bahrain and other countries. The program commenced 5 years ago, and focuses on promoting cultural awareness and has carried out many activities and events in the fields of culture and training for ambassadors’ wives, in particular, newly appointed diplomats, she added.

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