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Assistant FM: HM King establishes values of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence on international level


The Assistant Foreign Minister, Abdullah bin Faisal bin Jabur Al-Doseri, hailed His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's statement, which was published on “The Washington Times” on Tuesday, 10 October 2017, in which His Majesty affirmed that the Bahraini community have embraced the values of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence for centuries.
The Assistant Foreign Minister added that those values constitute the foundations of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and are the main reason behind the international respect the Kingdom enjoys.
The Assistant Foreign Minister added that His Majesty the King has always noted the importance of representing all sectors of society, which is an approach that must be used by everyone to make proposals that contribute to the development of all without exclusion of any party. He also stated that this moderate approach was adopted by the Kingdom of Bahrain since it was founded as a civil state, for the Kingdom has a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society, where Mosques and Churches are built next to each other. The respect of the Bahraini society for all religions and races is a principle that is adhered to in daily life, which made the Kingdom of Bahrain a model of peaceful coexistence and respect for the other.
The Assistant Foreign Minister stated that His Majesty the King affirmed and strengthened these values through the reform approach, which led many countries and international organizations to pay tribute to His Majesty's efforts in spreading a culture of religious tolerance, multiculturalism and respect for others. He added that the Kingdom of Bahrain has become a safe destination for people to live and work in as well as to practice their religious rituals freely, as reflected by many of the international awards that Bahrain has recently won.
The Assistant Foreign Minister stressed that everyone must respect freedom of expression in accordance with law and order and without causing harm to others. He added that the statement of His Majesty the King also presents the Bahraini society and how it was raised, which reflects His Majesty's continuous follow-up to the reform process, stressing that it is a long journey that needs the solidarity of all members of society. His Majesty the King had previously stressed the importance of establishing tolerance as an approach, consolidating it as a value, and implementing it in all countries of the world.
The Assistant Foreign Minister also praised the initiative of His Majesty the King to launch the Bahrain Declaration on Tolerance between Religions and Peaceful Coexistence which is in line with Bahrain's international stance that promotes peace and religious tolerance among all peoples of the world in all sects, cultures, religions and races. He noted that the formation of the Declaration after consultation with the clergy of various religions and sects is a model of tolerance, a roadmap to establish peace throughout the world, and a rejection of ethnicity, racism and war, adding that His Majesty's call to the world to promote the values of tolerance through this Declaration is a call for peace and appreciation to all its supporters, for the sake of human development and a better future for the coming generations.
The Assistant Foreign Minister stressed that the forces of evil will fail because of the power of faith, true love and pluralism that combat forced religious commitment and acts of violence in the name of religion. He went on to note that the world with its leaders, governments and officials must shoulder the responsibility to respect and protect all religious minorities, fight religious discrimination against any sect, and endorse religious pluralism. He also said that Bahrain’s Declaration on Tolerance between Religions and Peaceful Coexistence should be an inspiration to the world, and a motivation to exert more efforts towards development.

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