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The Assistant Foreign Minister receives NIHR President


The Assistant Foreign Minister, Abdulla bin Jabr bin Faisal Al Doseri, received in his office at the ministry’s General Court today, the President of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), Maria Khouri, in the presence of Vice President Abdullah Ahmad Al-Durazi and Secretary General, Dr. Khalifa bin Ali Al Fadhel.

He welcomed NIHR delegation, congratulated Khouri on winning the presidency election unopposed and  affirmed that Khouri’ s broad expertise in human rights would leave a positive impact on the institution, hailing NIHR educative and enlightening human rights role in the Kingdom.

He affirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would remain committed to its partnership with NIHR to continue together developing the country’s human rights gains and highlighting them at all regional and global gatherings.

He affirmed the ministry’s intent to reinforce coordination and communication with NIHR in order to form together an efficient partnership, capable of underpinning human rights work.

This is also to meet the kingdom’s aspirations regarding respect for basic rights and liberties and adoption of tolerance, openness and co-existence between all cultures, faiths and civilizations out of commitment to its voluntary pledges and the requirements of its accession to international human rights conventions, he added.

For her part, Mrs. Khouri commended the existing cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Institution for Human Rights, particularly the ministry’s sound management of human rights files at local and international arenas.

She also praised the ministry’s efforts in highlighting the kingdom’s achievements in the reinforcement of basic human rights, freedoms and rule of law in cooperation with other official agencies, independent human rights institutions and Civil Society Organizations.

She thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its distinguished support to NIHR and its interaction with it in what could develop the Institution’s work and back up its endeavors to advance human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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