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Statement by the Assistant Undersecretary for Consular Affairs, Resources & Informatics on the NAO report

The Assistant Undersecretary for Consular Affairs, Resources & Informatics, Ambassador Khalil Yaqoob Al Khayat, affirmed that the absence of any violations in the Ministry's record in the report of the National Audit Office for 2016 clearly reflects the keenness of the Ministry to comply fully with the laws and follow all means to develop work and improve performance to the highest standards.

Al Khayat said: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is keen to implement the directives of the honorable government in full cooperation with the National Audit Office and to work with all its capabilities and efforts to avoid violations, we committed to taking all the observations in the previous reports of the National Audit Office until we achieved the absence of any violations in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ record "  

The Assistant Undersecretary expressed his sincere appreciation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, for his keenness to overcome all difficulties, provide all support and prepare the various ways that led to the absence of any financial or administrative violations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which emphasizes the permanence and safety of the work and the accuracy and validity of financial and administrative procedures.  

Ambassador Al Khayat explained that this achievement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the result of great efforts and collective work of all departments and the creative cooperation between all officials of the Ministry and its diplomatic missions abroad, which enabled it to implement the principles of governance, promote transparency and include it as an institutional culture base for the Ministry and its diplomatic missions in the course of its career through following all laws and regulations related to financial and administrative affairs, implementing the recommendations of the National Audit Office and striving to address its observations.    

He added: "The Ministry has set key objectives that it has successfully achieved, most important of which is not to allow any financial and administrative violations, and the exploitation of the budget allocated to projects where the percentage increased from 3% only to about 80%, all without exceeding the budget allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all of which are great goals that we have pursued and succeeded in doing so".  

Ambassador Khayyat stressed that the achievements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reflect the Ministry's ambition and constant efforts to upgrade the level of work and develop it in accordance with the applicable laws, where the past period has been characterized by many qualitative steps that have led to the prosperity in work at all levels. On the financial level, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the economic conditions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has completed important steps that led to the control and rationalization of expenditure while raising the efficiency of the work and facilitating the procedures. The most important steps that were taken be the Ministry are the completion of the financial interconnection between the General Office of the Ministry and the embassies of the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad, reducing the cost of international communications and facilitating the process of communication between the Ministry and missions abroad, activating the system of auditing the Honorary Consulates of the Kingdom of Bahrain through the issuance of new laws for their work and the identification and organization of revenue, noting that the construction projects carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the service of the Ministry's policy to control and rationalize long-term spending and contribute to lower rental expenses.  

On the technical and information level, there has been an important shift in the Ministry's technological and informatics infrastructure thanks to the measures that were taken, most important of which is the electronic link between diplomatic missions accredited to the Kingdom of Bahrain.  

Ambassador Al Khayat affirmed that these procedures have made performance consistent with the highest standards of quality, facilitating communication and ensuring the speed and accuracy of the completion of transactions.  

He said that the Ministry has set the goal of developing the services provided to citizens and auditors and optimizing the technological and electronic progress to achieve this goal. The Ministry has been able to develop the smart devices application of the Ministry "Wejhaty" which facilitated communication between citizens and embassies of the Kingdom of Bahrain Abroad.

  The Assistant Undersecretary stressed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue its efforts with great strength to preserve and add to the achievements made and to keep its record free of violations, and will continue with determination to develop projects, improve work efficiency and speed up the tasks required.

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