Equal Opportunities Committee

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC)

What do Equality Opportunities mean? It Is fairness and non-discrimination in the provision of opportunities in all fields, such as family, education, employment, career positions and other fields by taking into account efficiency and capacity needs.

When was the Equal Opportunities Committee established? The EOC was established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 14th of August 2011.

What is the role of the Equal Opportunities Committee?

  1. Follow-up on the inclusion of women's needs in development plans and programs of the ministry.
  2. Contribute in the preparation of the ministry plans to ensure equal opportunities between the sexes.
  3. Emphasis on the principle of equal opportunities for ministry staff in the areas of recruitment, promotion and participation in training sessions and work-related activities and services provided to the ministry staff and their accompanying families abroad.
  4. Staff training in the Kingdom and those on scholarships abroad in the field of integrating the needs of women and equal opportunities through the development of qualification programs to achieve the objectives of the Committee.

Who are the EOC members? Dr. Shaikha Rana bint Isa Al Khalifa, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, heads the Committee. Its members include:

  1. Ambassador Talal Ebrahim Al Thawadi, Director of Human Resource
  2. Ambassador Abdulla Ahmed Abdulla Buqahoos, Director of Financial Resources Directorate
  3. Ambassador Shaikha Aysha Ahmed Saqer Alkhalifa, Director of European Affairs and European Union Directorate
  4. Ambassador Dr. Arwa Hasan Alsayed Ali Ebrahim, Director of Communication Directorate
  5. Mr. Yasser Habib Alhaddad, Human Resource Directorate
  6. Mrs. Hameeda Ali Al Haddad, Undersecretary Office
  7. Mrs. Hayat Dawood Alansari, Human Resource Directorate
  8. Mrs. Zainab Hasan Sarsawi, Communication Directorate

What are the EOC objectives?

  1. To achieve the principle of Equal Opportunities among staff in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Ensure fulfilment of women needs in all spheres and promote Equal Opportunities between the sexes.
  3. Contribute in the preparation of the Ministry’s plans for Equal Opportunities between the sexes.
  4. Awareness of women working in the Ministry of their rights as well as their constitutional and legal duties.
  5. Qualify the second echelon of ministry staff to create a new generation of leaders.
  6. Help female diplomats reach decision-making and supervisory positions (ambassadors abroad and at the Ministry’s General Court and as departments and section heads).

Vision: Women are active partners in leading political and economic diplomacy.

Message: We will work to provide equal opportunities among staff in the various professional functions / increase staff awareness of the principle of equal opportunity / highlight the positive image of Bahraini women in international forums.


  • Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani



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