Always convey the bright image of Bahrain

General guidelines

1- Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months.

2- Follow instructions on embassy and government websites on how to apply for a visa.

3- Check the type of required visa (single/multiple) as well as its validity period.

4- Fill in the application accurately with the required information when applying for the visa (whether it is for tourism, medical treatment, study, etc).

5- You should deal solely with accredited local and international travel agencies that are officially licensed by competent authorities.

6- Avoid traveling to troubled countries and regions with infectious diseases.

7- Follow the rules and regulations issued by the security authorities of the countries you are visiting.

8- Check your destinations policy on carrying large cash amounts.

9- If you face any problem, call Bahrain’s diplomatic mission in the country or contact any GCC mission or MoFA operations office on: +97317227555.

Guidelines to avoid theft

1- Keep your jewellery in the hotel’s safe box and take a receipt from the hotel management of all contents that you placed in the lockbox.

2- Keep scans and photocopies of all travel and bank documents on hand.

3- Keep your personal belongings in a safe and secure place.

4- Do not carry large amounts of cash while in public.

5- Carry as little cash as possible and rely more on debit/credit cards.

6- Always be aware of your personal belongings in crowded areas.

7- To avoid overcharges, always check your shopping receipts.

8- Avoid speaking to strangers as they may attempt to distract you prior to theft.

9- Guard yourself when withdrawing money from bank ATM machines.

10- Only present your identification to official authorities when asked.

11- Be aware of different theft techniques such as collision and distraction schemes.

12- Immediately report theft to police authorities and Embassy.

Guidelines for residence and transportation:

1- Rent residence directly from well-known real estate offices. Avoid signing unofficial or unsupported residence contracts and carefully read the terms and conditions of the contracts.

2- Rent cars directly from well-known and certified car rental offices, avoid renting from individuals in an unofficial way, and carefully read the terms and conditions of the contracts.

Guidelines for appearance and clothes:

1- Respect your destination country’s attire practices.

2- Do not wear jewellery in excess or carry anything that would draw attention.

«Wejhaty» is a free service provided to the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain while abroad. It aims to facilitate communication between the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Bahrain and citizens registered in the service, providing important alerts in emergency situations and coordination for the return of citizens, in addition to providing information on visas, travel insurance and means of communication with diplomatic missions.

The program can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store and via eGovernment portal www.bahrain.bh


Out of the high respect accorded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Bahraini community abroad, the Najaf-based General Consulate of the Kingdom is pleased to be at citizens help and to render them direct services to facilitate their work and meet their needs so as to spare them the burden of traveling back home to complete their transactions or take care of their interests.

We are sure of your keenness to best represent the country abroad and project the Kingdom’s shining image, worthy of a Bahraini citizen who embodies true Arabian values. Out of a sense of duty towards the Bahraini citizen abroad, and out of keenness to ease their travel and stay and save their effort, time and money and protect them and their families from whatever difficulties, problems or obstacles they may face - God forbid- the General Consulate of Bahrain in Najaf is pleased to assist Bahraini citizens with some important guidelines.

The General Consulate of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Najaf is always keen on your comfort. Therefore, it provides this guide which offers some of the information that every visitor or resident should read and understand for an easier visit of the country or stay in the Republic of Iraq.

The General Consulate would like to emphasize that the citizen's awareness of the regulations and laws of the host country, and his commitment to Islamic ethics and morals are the best ways to reflect the honorable image of the Kingdom of Bahrain, its Islamic values and the contributions of the people of Bahrain overseas as they are also the best means to ensure a trouble-free travel.

Wish you a happy journey to your second country, the brotherly republic of Iraq.


•    Make sure to obtain the appropriate legal visa for your travel purpose (tourism , work , emergency  or ordinary ) as visa types differ in duration and fees and make sure also to get it from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to spare yourself legal accountability and avoid being trapped by bogus travel agencies. 

•    In case you get a visa from land or air exits, fill out the form accurately, provide passport officials with answers relevant to their questions and supply them with precise information.

•     Respect visa conditions and duration to avoid legal accountability. 

•    We recommend that you seek to know the Republic of Iraq’s laws governing travel and other related matters as soon as you enter the country. 

•    Please, make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival to the Republic of Iraq, in line with what is required by most countries of the world.

•     Keep your passport in a safe place; it is an important official document abroad. Also keep your airline tickets and personal belongings in safe places, at the reception of the hotel you are staying in or with the official in charge of your travel, and make sure to keep copies of your passport and other documents for use in the event you lose the originals.

Commercial Activities

•    You should get familiar with the laws governing trade activities before practicing any, so as not to face problems or commit legal errors. Feeling uncertain of certain matters, you could always consult a legal expert or seek assistance from Najaf-based General Consulate of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
•    When you rent a flat or a house, make sure you get a contract with clear lease conditions and terms for protection of the two parties’ rights and once you sign it after reading it thoroughly, stick to its terms to avoid any legal disputes.
•     Make sure to keep receipts of the sums you have converted into the currency of the host country as well as bills to show them up on departure if requested to avoid confiscation of your money and valuable jewelry.
•    Should you need to give a legal authorization to someone, we advise you to give him a well-specified, not open ended authorization, in which the serial number and subject of the cause in question are clearly stated and whereby he cannot act on your behalf in cases like settlements, reconciliations, recessions or quitclaims, without a written consent from you which is officially legalized by competent authorities. This is to protect you from exploitation. Do not forget to get the authorization legalized by the concerned sides in the Republic of Iraq.

Travel Ticket

•    Make sure your ticket is a return ticket
•    Keep ticket in safe place.
•    Make sure to confirm booking one day before travel as per carrier instructions  and check the time your plane will take off to be at the airport, at least two hours in advance.

The General Consulate’s Services

1-    Helping stranded Bahraini nationals return back to the Kingdom in coordination with the concerned authorities as per relevant instructions.
2-    Solving problems amicably between the Bahraini parties concerned in personal status or civil rights - related disputes before referring the cases to the Iraqi courts.
3-    Monitoring legal cases of the Bahraini nationals imprisoned in the Republic of Iraq in order to know the reasons behind their detention and take the necessary steps to release them if proved innocent. In case you are arrested, it is your right to contact the General Consulate and immediately report your case.
4-    Taking care of the affairs of the Bahraini citizens residing in the Republic of Iraq and identifying their working and living conditions in order to provide help if need be.
5-    Providing consular services for Bahrainis with high efficiency and accuracy and in accordance with effective laws, systems and instructions. These services include: replacement of expired or damaged passports, issuance of emergency travel documents (one time return document), legalization of marriage and divorce contracts, general and special legal authorizations, scientific degrees of all sorts and other transactions.


•    Residence is granted after arrival, case by case. Make sure you declare your stay at the Directorate of Residence in the province of Najaf as soon as possible to have its actual duration determined.
•    Make sure you to commence residence renewal procedures several days before expiry of your stay period and deadline for final departure in order to avoid paying fines for delays or subjecting yourself to legal accountability. You will pay fines if you exceed the authorized period of residence. You are advised to inform the Directorate of Passports and Residence in advance and keep what officially justifies your status to let them decide that you stay or leave the country. In all cases, we recommend not to stay in the Republic of Iraq in the absence of a legal residence.

Goods permitted by Customs

•    Remember that some countries don’t permit entry of foods and cans; so avoid carrying them inside your luggage. To find out about the list of prohibited and restricted goods by the Customs in the Republic of Iraq, you approach the Iraqi embassy to the Kingdom, or get information from the internet.
•    It is important to know the rules and restrictions in force in the Republic of Iraq with regard to limitation of amounts of cash, jewelry and valuable belongings one is allowed to carry. It is advisable not to carry large amounts of cash.
•    It is important to accurately disclose and declare, upon arrival to the customs desk, the content of your luggage. Remember that some countries make it imperative for the visitors to declare jewelry, cash and checks and other personal belongings if they exceed a certain limit.

Medical Guidelines

Some states require medical examinations to identify the AIDS virus and hepatitis C and other diseases for those who are coming to stay or visit. So you should know what is required to avoid financial penalties.

Always keep with you the card of your blood type as well as a list of medications that can cause you allergies.

-  Keep the prescription of medication you permanently use.
-  Avoid causes of AIDS and other killer diseases.
-  Make sure of the validity of your International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. For people with Chronic illnesses, a Medic-Alert bracelet is a good idea to enable urgent measures in the event of an emergency.

General and important guidelines

1.    Marriage of foreigners has legal obligations, so you should be aware of all guidance that are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain before proceeding with any formal or legal action. This will avert  you a lot of troubles in the event of marital disputes. The Bahraini citizen who wishes to marry a foreigner must obtain the approval of the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the completion of the marriage contract.
2.    Consulates General strongly recommends all citizens to keep their passport in their hold and not mortgaged or handed it over to any person for any reason whatsoever except to officials for ID verification only and it has to be returned to the holder. In addition you need to take care of your visa if it is not stamped on the passport.

Thus the Consulate General reminds all to retain copies of their passport and visa as a provisional measure.
3.    You should be vigilant and Caution at shopping centres and crowded areas and don’t put your money or passports in handbags, which are more vulnerable to theft.
4.     Your compliance with the above mentioned is required in order to avoid any problems or complications that might result from non-compliance. All citizens are advised upon their arrival to the holy city of Najaf to know the location of the Consulate General, and to immediately report any problem they face to enable prompt intervention and follow up the Consulate to solve the problem.

Dear Citizens,  

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Najaf always welcomes you and avails itself for your services, exerts every effort to solve the problems you face, and could help you during your stay in the Republic of brotherly Iraq.
You can inquire about any information you need by e-mail to the Consulate General: najaf.mission@mofa.gov.bh Or directly contacting the Consulate General numbers available on the website or social networking page (Twitter)@BahrainConIQ .

We hope to provide you the best services you need, and wait for your suggestions and ideas in order to achieve the common interest and continuous communication with all members of the community in our second brotherly country the Republic of Iraq through the means mentioned above.

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